Interactive Fish Spa Experience

The fish spa experience may be unusual here in the United States, but it is nothing new. Our staff, the Garra Rufa Fish aka “Doctor Fish” have been commonly used all over the world for over a hundred years.

Here at WTFish, the experience goes like this:

Your feet are thoroughly inspected and rinsed.

In the tank you go, relax, and let the fish go to work.

Enjoy complimentary Chocolate and other goodies.

Selfie Time 📸! Pose for your printed pic to take home in a WTFish display.

Time’s up in the tank. Enjoy a quick warm lotion foot rub.


All included with your Fish Pedicure service.

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Our Process

We are happy to share this unique experience with you


Feet Cleaning

We inspect and clean each customers feet prior to entering the tank.


Fish Spa Experience

Put feet in tank for desired time.


Selfie Time!

Pose for your printed selfie.


Foot Rub

Service ends with a quick warm lotion foot rub.

Client Care

Our multi-step filtration includes carbon filtration, mechanical filtration, bio filtration, and 2 high density filter socks as well as a high powered UV Sterilizer.

At a flow rate of over 500 gallons per hour, the entire volume of the tank cycles over 5 times every 20 minutes. This keeps the water sparkling and the risk of infection to almost zero.

Water changes performed weekly and filter socks changed daily.

Customer feet are inspected. Service is refused if any cuts, abrasions or abnormalities are observed.

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We Love Our Fish!

  • No, our Garra Rufa friends do not live on dead skin, they just like it.
  • Our swimming staff are fed 2 kinds of gourmet fish food as well as algae wafer treats. After a hard day of work, they earned it!
  • Tanks are oxygen rich and temperature controlled just the way they like it.
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“The CDC is not aware of any published reports on illnesses resulting from fish pedicures.”